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All those nice memories
But this special one
I’d left
Behind in the shade
In my darkest fear
And if I don’t go back
I’ll never find myself 


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Bioware: Hey, have some fanservice. You guys like fanservice, right?

Fans: ….

Bioware: Look, he’s not wearing a shirt. And look at Ash’s tight clothing!


Bioware: Wait, what.

Fans: There’s DRIED BLOOD on their faces! Look! 

Bioware: But…

Fans: Shepard, do something! Kick some butt! Take some names! Get people fired!

Bioware: …

Fans: “Best care on the Citadel.” Ha!

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I’m not sorry, in the least. 

Okay last post for the night but this is for Siri’s feels and all the sad Shenko out there today, I hope this will UPLIFT them har har. 

Here’s the full uninterrupted version but it was too big:

REblogging because my dash has no Kaidan butts on it. 

BUTTSSSS. My my that underwear conforms to his ass shape well.

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending

So I finally finished it (since I have been extremely busy between two jobs), and I have to say…

Bravo, Bioware, bravo!

I actually enjoyed this ending, and it really did clarified the original ending. It was touching, sweet, and Kaidanbby’s face…..KAIDANNNNNN

I laughed, I cried, and I felt complete.

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Let’s live, Kaidan… by SubetaK


Let’s live, Kaidan… by SubetaK

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Propose to me, anonymously, while RPing one of my favorite characters.

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I get on Tumblr and all I see are GIFs of Kaidan Alenko and Peeta Mellark/Hunger Games

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Kaidan Alenko, my undying lust for you increases with each play through





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